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0 Mobile Numbering In India Starts With 8 Instead Of 9

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Now Mobile Numbers Are going to start with 8 .Already In Markets.

Vodafone has become the 1st operator to roll out 8-series mobile numbers just a few days ago. The operator has launched its series “8051″ in the Bihar Telecom Circle, with the code being used on new Prepaid numbers for customers in the states of Bihar & Jharkhand.

Similarly, Reliance Communication is rolling out new number series 8055 in the Rest of Maharashtra (including Goa) circle. The company is rolling out these numbers in the Rest of Maharastra circle under the brand name of "BOSS". Reliance Communications is offering the BOSS series on both its pre-paid and post-paid platforms across its GSM network.

As part of the roll-out of '8055' Boss series, the company will offer customers in Maharastra and Goa opportunity to purchase their choice of number by sending an SMS.

Customers across Maharastra and Goa can purchase unique numbers from the BOSS series by sending an sms as "BOSS" followed by the remaining 6 digits of their choice to 567678. Depending on the availability; the selected number of choice will be blocked and a reference code will be provided to the customer. A new customer has to purchase a new Reliance Mobile GSM number along with Rs 80 National Calling Card (NCC) recharge and SMS back their reference number to activate their preferred choice of number. An existing Reliance GSM customer can also have a number in the BOSS series by following this process but without requiring to buy a new connection.

Here is a list of what you can expect, and from whom, and where:

Circle Operator 8-Series

Andhra Pradesh Airtel 8008

Andhra Pradesh Tata DoCoMo 8019

Assam Airtel 8011

Bihar Airtel 8002

Bihar Vodafone 8051

Delhi Reliance GSM 8010

Gujarat Reliance GSM 8000

Haryana Idea 8059

Haryana Vodafone 8053

Karnataka Tata DoCoMo 8050

Kolkata Aircel 8013

Kolkata Vodafone 8017

Maharashtra – Goa Reliance GSM 8055

Maharashtra – Goa Vodafone 8007

Mumbai Reliance GSM 8080

North East Aircel 8014

Orissa Airtel 8018

Punjab Vodafone 8054

Rajasthan Airtel 8003

Rajasthan Idea 8058

Tamil Nadu Aircel 8012

Tamil Nadu Airtel 8056

Tamil Nadu Tata DoCoMo 8015

Uttar Pradesh (E) Airtel 8009

Uttar Pradesh (E) BSNL 8004

Uttar Pradesh (E) BSNL 8005

Uttar Pradesh (E) Reliance GSM 8081

Uttar Pradesh (E) Vodafone 8052

Uttar Pradesh (W) Idea 8057

Uttar Pradesh (W) Vodafone 8006

West Bengal Airtel 8016

West Bengal Vodafone 8001

                                                    Aircel India 88011
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