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0 Digital Tutors-Sterioscopic 3D In Maya{4 parts}

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Create audience excitement and interactive experiences.
- Learn practical workflows to making stereoscopic 3D imagery with Maya 2009.
- Gain total control over the camera, characters, and environments
to create one of the most powerful effects in cinema.
- Contains over 2 hours of project based training and step-by-step examples for any artist.

Popular highlights include:
- Stereoscopy Overview
- Rules of Safe Stereo
- Anaglyph Filtering
- Previewing Stereo Images
- Zero Parallax
- Interaxial Separation
- Frustrum
- Customizing a Safe Volume
- Creating Custom Stereo Rigs
- Rendering Stereo Images
- Compositing Stereo Pairs in After Effects
- Anaglyph Effects in Photoshop
- Loading Built-in Stereo Rigs
- Python Scripting to Modify Stereo Rigs
- Stereo Camera Settings and Defaults
- Off-Axis Camera Types
- Converged Camera Types
- Parallel Stereo Camera Types
- Extending Maya Stereo Camera with Expressions
- Cross Converged Viewing
- Parallel Pair Viewing

Lesson Outline:
1. Introduction and Project Overview (1:37)
2. Creating a Stereo Image (9:38)
3. Learning to render Stereo pairs (9:02)
4. Defining Stereoscopic (1:12)
5. Explaining the different types of filters (4:44)
6. Controlling Zero Parallax and Interaxial Separations (8:03)
7. Covering the rules of Stereo (3:49)
8. Utilzing Stereo Display Controls (7:09)
9. Creating custom safe Stereo guide (8:37)
10. Working with a converged Stereo camera (6:32)
11. Using the parallel Stereo camera (2:58)
12. Loading custom Stereo camera rigs (10:15)
13. Creating a custom Stereo rig using Python (4:20)
14. Setting default values in the custom Stereo rig (9:26)
15. Adding expressions to the custom Stereo rig (7:51)
16. Setting up Shelf Buttons to automate the custom camera (6:48)
17. Creating an Anaglyph image in Photoshop (8:03)
18. Building an Anaglyph image sequence in After Effects (2:56)
19. Creating a Stereo pipeline for color corrections (9:00)

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