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0 Updated list of BSNL broadband Balance Check

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hello friends u have already seen my previous post on how to check BSNL broadband balance here is the updated list
i have also recently taken a BSNL 250 plan bcoz i am also net user,so start the story
Unless you use an unlimited plan, your bill will be based on your usage data as recorded by BSNL. If we use more than the allowed limit, we need to pay extra for this usage. Even if we are careful, some virus infection in our system can  increase the chargeable units to a dangerous extent.  It can happen even if you have a very good antivirus. Therefore it is  important to monitor the usage closely. Unfortunately BSNL fails to provide useful information to its users. Many of us rely on a single BSNL site we managed to identify for monitoring the usage.
BSNL sites do not update on a real time basis and is neither dependable as it has a very high downtime due to maintenance and billing activities. From 1st to 5 th of every month, BSNL sites are totally unreliable as they are used for billing purposes than updating user details. If you are a new user, your usage details may not appear for about 2 weeks. From my personal experience, I can tell you that BSNL may update the usage on 1st of month on 20 th. I ended up with a huge bill after they did this to me.
Another common error is that many believe usage means only download. BSNL calculates your usage as  download + upload. If we use internet just for browsing, it will cost around 15 MB per hour in your usage stats. It is impossible to manually calculate the usage. Please use the following methods.
BSNL allots two server IPs. One of the format and other If your IP starts with, options other than option 3 may not work for you.
In that case, Check here.  To check your IP, Click here.
You can also test your speed on the link given above. If you find it difficult, use  What is my IP ?
How to Check BSNL Broadband Usage details – Methods
There are 3 sources to check your usage. 1 BSNL portal, 1 Independent software and 1 BSNL software.
1BSNL Portal , values in MB, user friendly.
    Connection with IPs
2.  Both these sites can be down at times. BSNL sites do not update on real time basis. Today's usage is shown  after 2 days. So most of us use a Bandwidth meter.
Click here to download. (Top Rated)
3.  A software from BSNL can help us check the usage without using the portal. Click here to download.
BSNL also provides SMS and email alerts when you cross your usage limit. You can also receive weekly alerts.
Use this link to register    Web Registration for Usage Alerts
Option 1  needs a 14 digit Portal ID and password from BSNL. Password is usually password.
Eg. for portal ID:
ABC+++25102008, where
ABC from my surname, +++ a 3 digit no. , 25102008 date of broadband application. If you do not have this, check with your local exchange. They normally keep this in their records. A phone call can fix it for you.
Your BSNL email ID will receive email alerts when the usage limit is crossed. Always ask your exchange for email ID. If you try to use option 3, it will ask for your BSNL email ID.
Use option 1 , log in using Portal ID and password and check for the email link on the upper part of the page.

Other methods and tools:
The above mentioned are sources for information. Many were kind enough to write programs that we can save the trouble of logging into the portals. Let us discuss a few reliable options.
1. Datafox
If you use Firefox, an add on called Datafox can retrieve data from BSNL site. Click here to download   

2. Dataone Quick Usage Finder
Dataone Quick Usage finder logs in automatically to the BSNL portal and retrieves data for you. It has a facility to calculate the billed amount (excluding telephone charges). If we exceed our usage, we can find out how much extra should be paid in the next bill. It also provides a Dialup Connection and disconnection scheduler for Night Unlimited Plans. Click here to download.
3. Dataone Tool
  • Daily total of non free and free usage ( for those having night (2am to 8am) unlimited).
  • Graphic display of daily usage.
  • Option to auto login to dataone usage checking site.
  • Summary of usage, daily average used , average usable, estimated bill etc.
For users with IP
Click here to download. More details.
For users with IP
Click here to download. More details.
Don't know your IP ? Check here - What is My IP ?
Hope you will find them useful. Please do spread the word and help your friends from falling prey to huge bills.
Please note that the above tools simply retrieve data from BSNL portals. If data in BSNL website is not up to date,  you will get non finalized data
credit:-naradhavicharam thegoan
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